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theonlykoala - digital artist

- with a background in theatre production, audio engineering and traditional animation

3D/2D graphic design for print and digital | 3D modeling, texturing & lighting | motion graphics | animation | projection mapping | game art | art for applications | visual art | audio & video editing | audio composition | traditional art



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'The Tin Forest' - The Rockery: 3D models, animation & editing for projection Trip to the Moon: filming, editing & composition 'The Tin Forest' - Winter Gardens: 3D modeling, design and animation for projection theatre performance 3D graphics, motion & projection art: 'albedo 2013'
projection art - cube stack chrysler traditional snowflakes
bernard the pumpkin
the hallowed moon ghosts in the machine virtual soil intrusion
umbrae lucis
organic metal hello earth procella - volucris bentley rhythm lace
3 words jules' TARDIS k-9 vs kroton    
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